Your Difference Defines Your Destiny

Your difference defines your destiny - Devotions w/ Da'dra
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I remember being in the recording studio years ago when we signed our 1st recording contract.  After I sang part of the song, the engineer would stop the recording.  As I stood in the recording booth, all I heard was silence.  (That was torture because you had no idea what was being said on the other end.)  We repeated this process several times.  Then, I remember them asking me to eat some potato chips. What?!  LOLOL Well, apparently another artist ate chips in the studio to give her a raspier tone. My voice was too clear, in their opinion.  So, they were hoping that I could sound more like her if I ate some potato chips.  

There was nothing wrong with exploring various ways to express myself vocally. And they meant no harm but, unknowingly, that session re-started a cycle of comparison and insecurity about my voice that began in my childhood.  You, know…comparison kills.  It kills your confidence and most importantly, it kills the image of who God created you to be in your mind.  And the enemy will use whatever he can to keep you in bondage. So, I began to hate that my voice sounded so different from others all over again.  The message I took away from that session was, “Wow, there is something wrong with my voice because it’s clear.  I need to do something to not sound like me.”  Crazy. But, it never occurred to me that God had a plan for my life and that the voice He gave me was the one He wanted me to have.  If He wanted me to sound different, He would have given me a different voice.  As a matter of fact, years later, I got a call to record a song because of the clearness of my voice. It was because of the difference. Here’s my point, oftentimes, it is your difference that will help define your destiny.

Look, if God wanted you to be different from the way you are, He would have created you differently. Are you comparing your educational level to others’? Are you comparing your lifestyle to others’? Are you comparing your physical build to others’? Are you comparing your gifts and talents to others? Are you comparing your finances to others’’?  What about your ministry? Are you comparing the numbers of other churches’ members to yours? We all have a race to run, but if you are running in your lane and constantly looking over at the other lanes, you will hinder your own stride.  Run your race. Stay focused on what’s ahead of you and look to the author and finisher of your faith. He will bring you to a flourishing finish and complete the work in you. And it will be your unique gifting that will help define your destiny.

You see, you have your personality, looks, height, intelligence, talent and unique traits because God gave them to you.  He created you that way for a special purpose. Psalm 139 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  And in Genesis, it says that God saw all that he had made and it was very good.  God thinks that how He created you was very good. Now, you just need to agree with Him.  

I also remember someone saying to me years ago that I was pretty, but I would look so much better if I ran. LOLOL   OK, fellas, I’m just sayin’…this isn’t a good pick up line. LOL And, honestly, I didn’t disagree with the facts about the benefits of exercise, but, from that moment on, I became obsessed with comparing my body to other women’s bodies. How many of you have done this?  And, what about the men? Do men compare their muscles, physical build, income, career, cars, ministry, etc.? Any men wanna weigh in on this?  

But, here’s my point. God had to deliver me by renewing my mind to think as He thinks about me. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… Now, I am just trying to be a good steward over all He has given, body, soul and spirit while embracing the things that make me unique. The very thing that makes you different oftentimes is the thing that will help define your destiny and be the catalyst for the fulfillment of your purpose.

If you’re dramatic, it’s for a reason. If you’re reserved, it’s for a reason. If you’re tall, it’s for a reason.  If you’re short, like me, LOL it’s for a reason. If you have a sense of humor, it’s for a reason.  If you tend to be studious and serious, it’s for a reason. God can use your unique gifting to accomplish His will in the earth.  So, when you notice that something about you is different from those around you, just remember, that it just may be that difference that defines your destiny.

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