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"Renovation" - "Devotions with Da'dra"
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We were watching the tv show ‘Buried Alive: Hoarders’ last night and could hardly believe what we saw! Have you seen it on TLC?  Whoa!  This lady had three dogs and lived in a home that had years of dog feces on the floor (Ugh)!  Speaking of the floor, you could barely see it!  Every room was filled from top to bottom with trash, clothes, handbags, broken furniture, papers, books, moldy food….you name it!  And the stench was apparently putrid by the reactions of the crew.  And, as the therapist began to speak with the lady and try to figure out how things got so out of control, you could see that something was wrong with her mind. Her thoughts about her situation were the total opposite of those who were trying to help her.  She was on the verge of having her animals taken away and her home condemned. A crew of men and women came to help with the rennovation, which required her to let go of much of her possessions. But, she was unwilling to do it!  It was so sad.  I eventually learned that she was holding onto everything because she was lonely and depressed over not ever getting married and having children. 

What’s interesting is that my scripture for the day says, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” And, when I looked up the original Greek word for ‘renewing’ (anakainosis)  it said, “RENOVATION!”  So, I checked for the greek word for ‘mind’ and it said, “Intellect, thoughts, feelings, will.”  OOOOH…now we’re getting somewhere! HA HA! So next, I looked up the tense of the phrase, ‘ Be ye….you know the rest.’ (And, please don’t judge me.  I am a bit of a nerd. But hey,  the Bible says to study to show yourself approved….so….HA HA HA!  Ok, back to my point. The tense of this sentence is the PRESENT IMPERATIVE which is a command to do something in the future and involves CONTINUOUS OR REPEATED ACTION! I bet you know where I am going with all of this. Drum roll, please. 


So, in order for YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES to change, YOU have to change. And, in order for YOU to change, YOUR MIND has to change.  In other words, your mind must undergo a RENOVATION. This involves letting go of your will, thoughts and emotions about your situation, and taking in the thoughts God’s word says about your situation. It’s an exchange that has to take place, not once, not twice, but on a continuous basis with repeated action.  Whoever lost weight by eating and working out for one day? I wish...Ha! Ha!  Whoever achieved greatness in sports by winning one game and quitting?  No one! So, why do we say we need to make changes in our lives and only make the effort to do so once?  No, any change requires continuous and repeated action until you reach your goal. 


Listen, you have the ability to reach your fullest potential, but it will require having the right thoughts that lead to the right actions day after day.  This is the art of true transformation, a mind renovation. Man, this was so good to me today!  I hope this inspires you to let go of some limiting thoughts you’ve had regarding your situation. And, I hope you will let go of how you feel about certain things that have happened in the past or are currently happening in the present. Let go and exchange all of the frustration, worry, limiting beliefs and pain for the joy of the Lord, His hope and His peace on a daily, continuous and repeated basis.  

I hope this inspires you today!  Have a blessed, prosperous and productive day. 

Love Ya, 



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