"Comfort Zone"

"Comfort Zone" - "Devotions with Da'dra"
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All week long, everywhere I turn, look and listen, God has been challenging me to get outside of my comfort zone...in every area of my life. And, this morning as I was talking with the Lord, He began to ask me some questions. (Now, you know that when God starts asking you questions, it’s not because He doesn’t know the answer. 😂😂😂He’s gently leading you to the answer.) I listened as He asked me why I allowed someone from my past to place a lifelong limit on me and why I accepted it as part of my identity. 😳🙈

You see, when I was a teenager, I began playing piano. During the summer, I would play for 6 hours a day because I couldn’t help myself. I loved it so much. So, I asked to play for the choir. The choir director (well-meaning and recognizing my call to sing) said no because I needed to sing. And, my pastor at that time preached that you can only do one thing well. (I hope we misinterpreted his message. But, we assumed it was the truth. And, as I kept living, I discovered that wasn’t the case for everyone....insert parable of the talents ...that’s a WHOLE other devotion.) I digress...back to my point. I allowed that seed of limitation to be planted and take root. Thus, my limited time in developing further as a musician. I did play on my record that was released last year, but hardly anyone knows that except for the producer. 😂 NONETHELESS, I keep thinking how much further along I could be had I kept playing in spite of what was spoken, received as truth and absorbed into my life. 

And to make matters worse, God asked me why I spend so much time watching other musicians play? You know how when you watch someone sing and it stirs up the gift of singing in you (this happens to me, too) or when you watch someone else operate in a gift that you have? Man, it just inspires you to want to do the same because it’s in you, too! And with this reality TV, social media age, it’s easier now than ever before to just watch other people do what you are called to do. But, you are wasting time watching them when you could be growing and developing your own gifts. 

Let me as you a question. What’s in you? Do you get excited when you see someone release a book, play an instrument, sing, dance, defend a client in court, watch interviews of successful business owners, real estate investors, speakers, preachers, painters, nutritionists, physicians, physical trainers, etc.? I could list more. But, you know what stirs you up on the inside when you see someone else doing it. And that’s an indication it’s in YOU, too. But, you’ll never achieve what you watch others accomplish if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and began manifesting your own gifts.

I honestly have tried to stay clear of the motivational type of writings lately because so many are doing that. And, it’s not my main focus these days. I really want to get closer to God, get to know Him better, and grow in the word. But, here’s what I’ve discovered...the more you get to know Him, the more He reveals who you are supposed to be in this life and in the life to come. There’s no escaping the process. 

So...get out of the comfort zone of watching others on YouTube do what you want to do. It’s time for you to expand and resist all limitations that haven’t come from God. (Yes, God does have boundaries for our good...but that’s another devotional. 😂)

Ok...I’ve written enough. Get going. We are waiting to be inspired, blessed and encouraged by what God has placed in you. 😊 

Love you! Have a blessed, prosperous and productive day!

Da’dra ❤️

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